9th Annual North Country and Lakes Region
               DIII JV Boy's Basketball Tournament
          Saturday, February 27 - Sunday, February 28
                   at Newfound Regional High School

Admission is $3 for adults and $2 for students.


Saturday,  February 27

  8:30  Winnisquam vs Newfound          (A)
  9:45 Prospect Mt. vs Franklin  (B)
 11:00 Berlin vs White Mt.    (C)
 12:15 Loser A vs Loser B    (D)
  1:30 Inter-Lakes vs Winner A      (E)
  2:45 Winner B vs Winner C  (F)
  4:00         Loser C vs Loser E  (G)  

Sunday,  February 28

  1:00          Winner E vs Winner F  (H)
  2:30 Loser E vs Loser F  (I)
  4:00 Winner H vs Winner I              (J)

2nd team listed is the home team and should wear white. 

Teams should plan to arrive at NRHS no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled start.
Games may begin earlier than scheduled.

Saturday games may have limited warm up time.

A concession stand will be open during the tournament.