Clubs & Organizations

Class of 2017 (Sarah Cutting and Sheryl Stubbs)

Class of 2018 (Susan Moore)

Class of 2019 (Laura Hutchins and Lori DeVost)

Class of 2020 (Sarah Ohl)

Art Club (Laura Hutchins)

Asian Culture Club (Sarah Ohl)

Cooking Club (Sarah Ohl)

Drama (Stephanie Wiencek)

Granite State Challenge (Dave Harlow)

International Thespian Society (Stephanie Wiencek)

Jazz Band (Ed Judd)

Literary Magazine (Dave Harlow)

Math Team (Amy Ballou)

National Honor Society (Mara Capsalis)

Outdoors Club (Peter Dumont)

Poetry Out Loud (David Harlow)

Project Promise (Peter Dumont)

Select Choir (Ed Judd)

Student Athletic Leadership Team (Peter Cofran and Tanya Jollie)

Student Council (Stephanie Wiencek)

Student-Staff Senate (Charles Therriault & Amy Doolin)

Tech Crew (Kerrie Zick)

Yearbook (Sheila Miller) (Order yours NOW!)