Winter Carnival Update

posted Feb 23, 2017, 6:29 AM by Kerrie Zick
45 percent of the students dressed for summer yesterday but it was the juniors who captured first place with 54%. The sophomores eked out second place over the seniors with 44% compared to 43% of the seniors.

The Copper Silver Wars should be heating up. Remember the money goes to the Timothy Mahurin Winter Carnival Scholarship that is presented to a deserving senior this June. From Wednesday's tallies, congratulations to the first place sophomores who finished with a positive $3.63 and the second place seniors who ended with a negative $2.46!

Freshman Sophia Pettit took first place in the Creative Writing competition earning her class unanswered 25 points, while Lisa Kato's photograph earned the seniors 25 points!

Charade results: 25 points to the seniors and 15 to the sophomores.
Clue results: 25 points to the seniors
Pictionary results: 25 points to the freshmen and 15 points to the sophomores
Remote Control Car Race results: first place freshmen, second place sophomores, and third place seniors. 

After a tense spelling bee match congratulations to the freshmen with their first place win, followed closely by the second place sophomores. The juniors and seniors place third and fourth respectively.

Crab Soccer was fast and furious as the sophomores seized first place, the juniors with second, the seniors with third and the freshmen in fourth.

Don't forget to check out Bingo in the lmc.. Each winning game earns 10 point for your class. On Wednesday, the seniors earned 70 points and the freshmen and sophomores earned 40 points each.

Finally, for more results check out the score board located in the hallway by the locker room entrance. Have a great day, everyone!