Mission & Expectations

NRHS Mission

The mission of NRHS is the challenge and empower each learner.

NRHS Vision

NRHS commits to fostering positive relationships in order to develop responsible, engaged, globally-minded citizens who are critical thinkers prepared for future endeavors and personal success.

Statement of Core Values and Beliefs:

The Newfound community encourages and inspires students to take ownership of their education in order to achieve success in school, in their community, and throughout their lives.

To maintain this, we believe:

Respect embodies integrity and trustworthiness, which empower students to tolerate and celebrate differences, through compromise, collaboration and effective communication in order to achieve common goals.

Perseverance is necessary to meet challenges and successfully apply newly acquired knowledge and skills in order to set and achieve individual goals.

Discovery is the process by which students develop innovative and creative learning strategies that foster a love of learning and appreciation for one’s intellectual and social development both locally and globally.

Growth results when the students and the school community maximize opportunities for all to acquire and demonstrate knowledge and skills essential to lifelong learning and personal success.

Independence is achieved when students are accountable, resourceful, and responsible citizens ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Habits of Learning