Red Cross Blood Drive

March 7th

Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash

Help Save Lives

Not Convinced Yet?

Here's a few reasons you should donate

Saving lives

One donation can help up to 3 people

Easily doing it

It only take an hour, it's relatively painless, and you should be fine the next day

Helping yourself

Forcing your body to make new blood can be great for your own health

Paying it forward

About 25% of people will need blood donated in their lives, and you might be one of them

Did this convince you?

Not Sure If You Can?

Here are some requirements

For your safety, depending on your weight you may not be able to donate. Check the chart below to see if you're eligible.

For females

4'10" -  > 146 lbs

4'11" -  > 142 lbs

5' -  > 138 lbs

5'1" -  > 133 lbs

5'2" -  > 129 lbs

5'3" -  > 120 lbs

5'5" -  > 115 lbs

5'6" or taller -  > 110 lbs

For males

4' 10" -  > 118 lbs

4' 11" -  > 114 lbs

5' or taller -  > 110 lbs

You can't donate if you have gotten a tattoo in the last 6 months

You can't donate if your hemoglobin is too low

You must be at least 16, and must bring valid ID on the day of the blood drive. For those who are 16, this form must be filled out by a parent or guardian. 17 and older students do not need this form

Click here for a full list of eligibility requirements

If you can't donate

It's completely fine. Don't feel bad. But you can still help out by sharing this page with your friends

You can also reach out to a Student Council member to learn more about volunteering to help at the Blood Drive.

But if you can donate